Mock Bank Practices and Employee Performance in the Banking Sector

Case Study of Union Bank PLC


  • H.Dennis Nwanyanwu
  • Kevin Njoku
  • Emeka Nkoro University of Port Harcourt



Mock Bank, Employee, Performance


The practice of mock bank is an institutional arrangement to expose potential bankers to basic rudiments of banking operations. This is a fact as organization’s performance depends on employee’s deliverables. This study assessed the impact of mock bank practices on employee performance in the banking sector as a panacea for repositioning the Nigerian economy with specific focus on Union Bank Plc. The study was a comparative design in which descriptive statistics of frequency count, percentages and mean were adopted to capture the demographic variables of respondents and answer the research questions. T-statistics was used to test the three hypotheses. Result showed that there is significant relationship between experienced, knowledge of job ethics and organizational structure by employee before recruitment and performance at work placewhen compared to those recruited before training. Further results revealed that employees that had mock bank experience perform better with less supervision. It was recommended that reinforce of mock bank practices in tertiary institutions in Nigeria and allotment of higher credit units to mock bank practice should be encouraged.




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Nwanyanwu, H., Njoku, K., & Nkoro, E. (2019). Mock Bank Practices and Employee Performance in the Banking Sector: Case Study of Union Bank PLC. Bussecon Review of Finance &Amp; Banking (2687-2501), 1(1), 01–08.