International Conference on Business Ecosystem and Strategic Thinking in Istanbul

ICBEST 2019, International Conference on Business Ecosystem and Strategic Thinking will be held in 21- 23 June 2019, in Istanbul.

ICBEST 2019 is organized with the collaboration of Istanbul Medipol University and BUSSECON Academy. The first historical series of conferences, in  2019, will be hosted by Istanbul Medipol University located in Istanbul, Kavacik, Turkey.

BUSSECON Academy an international scientific venue for academicians, researchers and professionals promoting scientific studies and publications overseas. BUSSECON is also an ideas-driven academic organization for international researchers aiming to promote studies in Business, Economics and Social Sciences. This year, BUSSECON will sponsor publication opportunities for international editors in English and Turkish and welcomes Journal and editorial book submissions from editors.

ICBEST 2019’s mail theme is “Strategic Thinking and Design in Business Ecosystem: A Transformational Change in Digital Era”.

In this conference, it is aimed to highlight the importance of transformational change on business performance. We will also assess its economic consequences for emerging economies. Therefore, Business ecosystem will be assessed from managerial perspective to politics and economics. In this conference, studies on the latest hot topics in business from organizational behavior to strategic management and from blockchain technologies to social media strategies, which have impacts on business ecosystem will be highly welcomed.

ICBEST 2019 conference also aims to highlight the principal impact of transformational change on the recent and future developments in the fields of economy and business. Our distinguished participants will have the opportunity to present their valuable scientific contributions and establish an international network among those who volunteer to communicate and study together in the field of business and social science.

Our international scholars will have also the opportunity to publish their scientific studies in indexed journals and editorial books published by International Publication houses. In this network, you will also meet professionals from different industries and production managers from different publication houses.

Selected papers will have a chance to be published in several journals: Research in Business & Social Science, Finance& Baking Studies, Decision Sciences and Applications (Internationally refereed journals indexed by DOAJ, RePEC, IDEAS, ProQuest, BUSSECON Indexing)

Selected papers will have also a chance to be published in several editorial books published by IGI-GLOBAL, Springer and BUSSECON International Publishing. These chapters will be registered in Congress of Library, and anticipated for inclusion in WOS and SCOPUS following the publications.

Book Series will be Digital Business, Business Ecosystem, Transformational Change, Political Economy, Business Finance, Organization and Culture.

This year conference proceedings will be published on-line by BUSSECON, in their on-line publication International Proceedings of Business Ecosystem and Social Science, which may be accessed through the link www.bussecon/omp( will be activated in the day of conference). Conference papers in this publication will also be submitted for consideration to be included in SpringerLink. Those conference papers that will be considered for publication in one of the academic journals and books listed above will not be submitted to the International Proceedings of Business Ecosystem and Social Science; therefore, authors who indicate their willingness to have their papers to be considered for publication in one of the above-mentioned journals automatically forfeit their right to publication in theInternational Proceedings of Business Ecosystem and Social Science.

We hope you enjoy plenty of publication opportunities and conference theme.

Best Regards

Conference Manager

Umit Hacioglu, PhD.

Istanbul Medipol University

School of Business