An alarm for the potential 2020 recession and its’ impacts on the developing countries

Evidence from Egypt


  • Doaa M. Salman Abdou Professor of Economics and Finance, Head of economics department, Associate Dean, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Egypt



Trade War, Economic Crisis, Developing Countries, Egypt


This article review provides an insight into the main signals that will be responsible for the coming recession that will start from developed countries and will reflect negatively on developing countries that witness a decreasing level of development. The paper starts with the main seven signals that will initiate the recession. The second section will provide an analysis of the applied procedures and the economic reform that the government adopted to attract investment to overcome the previous and the coming challenges. Finally, the paper provides future expectations and paths for developing countries to overcome the recession.


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Salman Abdou, D. M. (2021). An alarm for the potential 2020 recession and its’ impacts on the developing countries: Evidence from Egypt. Bussecon Review of Social Sciences (2687-2285), 3(3), 26–30.



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