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Editorial Series

Academy members, editors and authors are invited to special editorial book series. Selected series are indexed in SCOPUS and WOS.

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Digital Business Strategies

Explains the practical implications of blockchain and artificial intelligence for businesses and provides an advanced, methodical summary of innovation in the financial sector

Digital Busıness strategıes
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Blockchain Economics

Discusses decentralized consensus ledgers applied to cryptography and legal boundaries, and provides an advanced, methodical summary of the topic

Digital Busıness strategıes
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Strategic Fit and Design

A collection of innovative research that builds a futuristic view of evolving business ecosystems and a deeper understanding of business transformation processes in the new digital business era

Business Ecosystems
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Premier Reference Books

Academy contributes to scholarly publishing process of scientific contents in collaboration with global publishers. Academy editors participate in content design, development and review stages of editorial book series. 

Academy invites authors and researchers who published in the International Journal of Business Ecosystem and Strategy & Bussecon Review of Social Sciences.

Digital Business Strategies in Blockchain Ecosystems

This book analyzes the effects of the latest technological advances in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) on business operations and strategies. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the contributions examine new developments that change the rules of traditional management. The chapters focus mainly on blockchain technologies and digital business in the “Industry 4.0” context, covering such topics as accounting, digitalization and use of AI in business operations and cybercrime.  Intended for academics, blockchain experts, students and practitioners, the book helps business strategists design a path for future opportunities.

Blockchain Economics and Financial Market Innovation
This book discusses various aspects of blockchains in economic systems and investment strategies in crypto markets. It first addresses the topic from a conceptual and theoretical point of view, and then analyzes it from an assessment and investment angle. Further, it examines the opportunities and limitations of the taxation of crypto currency, as well as the political implications, such as regulation of speculation with crypto currencies.
The book is intended for academicians and students in the fields of economics and finance.
Financial Ecosystem and Strategy
This book analyses and discusses current issues and trends in finance with a special focus on technological developments and innovations. The book presents an overview of the classical and traditional approaches of financial management in companies and discusses its key strategic role in corporate performance. Furthermore, the volume illustrates how the emerging technological innovations will shape the theory and practice of financial management, focusing especially on the decentralized financial ecosystems that blockchain and its related technologies allow.

Auditing Ecosystem & Strategy
This book examines current topics and trends in strategic auditing, accounting and finance in digital transformation both from a theoretical and practical perspective. It covers areas such as internal control, corporate governance, enterprise risk management, sustainability and competition. The contributors of this volume emphasize how strategic approaches in this area help companies in achieving targets. The contributions illustrate how by providing good governance, reliable financial reporting, and accountability, businesses can win a competitive advantage. It further discusses how new technological developments like artificial intelligence (AI), cybersystems, network technologies, financial mobility and smart applications, will shape the future of accounting and auditing for firms.​

Strategic Fit and Design in Business Ecosystems
A collection of innovative research that builds a futuristic view of evolving business ecosystems and a deeper understanding of business transformation processes in the new digital business era. Featuring research on topics such as cultural hybridization, Industry 4.0, and cybersecurity, this book is ideally designed for entrepreneurs, executives, managers, corporate strategists, economists, IT specialists, IT consultants, engineers, students, researchers, and academicians seeking to improve their understanding of future competitive business practices with the adoption of robotic and information technologies.

Editorial Book Series

Academy with open access publishing models reshapes the way that researchers communicate, collaborate and advance the pace and quality of discovery, academy provides expert advice on the best strategy for your journal or book program.

Call for Papers! IJBES Vol 4 No 2 & 3

We cordially invite you to submit your papers to IJBES' Forthcoming Issues in April. Journal will release an early view version of its forthcoming issue and publish accepted papers immediately following the Copyediting and Production stages. Indexing will start...

New Book! Auditing Ecosystem & Strategic Accounting Released!

Auditing Ecosystem & Strategic Accounting has been released by Springer. Academy authors participated in this premier reference book. Discusses the newest technological developments in the field like AI and smart applicationsPresents an overview of theory and...

Financial Ecosystem & Auditing Ecosystem Books Released!

Springer recently released our new book series as scientific contents. Discusses the newest developments of blockchain technologyPresents an overview of current financial technologies and innovationsDescribes the role of financial management in company performance...

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