Scholarship Program

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) is a foundation university. It first opened its doors in 2015 and started teaching in the 2017-2018 academic year. Ibn Haldun University strives to be known as a “research university” in Turkey and around the world for the excellence of its academic programs and research initiatives.
Since then, IHU has conducted educational operations through six faculties, twelve departments, and two institutes. IHU’s Graduate School provides nine doctoral programs, 19 Master’s programs, and one doctoral and one Master’s program through the Institute of Civilizations Alliance. In addition, the university has established 19 applied research centers across many disciplines to conduct scientific research, develop programs, generate projects, implement initiatives, and coordinate various degree program.


In these faculties and institutions, a total of 1831 students, including 1,030 graduate students and 801 undergraduate students, have recently continued their studies. There are 105 identified Males and 926 identified feMales. The current graduate-student ratio is around 55%, and it is expected that in the future, 75% of its students will be graduate (Master’s and doctoral) students. IHU has 633 international students from 81 different countries, with an overall percentage of international students of 35%.

As a “foundation university” in the true sense, our university attaches great importance to focusing only on our students’ education and academic development. In this framework, more than 80% of our current undergraduate and graduate students are granted 100% exemption from tuition fees; our students are also supported with cash scholarships.

Our graduate students who are accepted for the forthcoming Academic Years will also receive cash scholarship support if they meet the necessary conditions. Within the program-based quotas and budgets of the relevant scholarships;

• Outstanding Achievement Scholarship (UBB) for nine months 
• Success Scholarship (BAB) for nine months 

• The cash scholarship period for married students is determined as 12 months.

In a nutshell: Why Graduate Studies at IHU?

• Research-Oriented Foundation University Model
• Teaching and Research Assistantship Experience

• Tuition Fee Waiver and Cash Scholarships
• Dormitory and Accommodation Facilities
• Green and Modern Campus
• 54,67% Graduate Student Ratio
• 34,57% International Student Ratio (Students from 81 countries)
• 32% Ratio of Stipend Receivers

Ph.D. Programs

Ph.D. in Economics (in English)

Ph.D. in History (in English)

Ph.D. in New Media and Communication

Ph.D. in Management (in English)

Ph.D. in Psychology (in English)

Ph.D. in Sociology (in English)

Master’s Programs

MSc. in Air Transport Management (in English)

MA in Economics (in English)
MSc. in Financial Economics (in English)
MA in History (in English)

MA in Islamic Studies (in 30% English)

MA in Management (in English)
MA in New Media and Communication (in English)
MA in Philosophy (in English)
MA in Political Science and International Relations (in English)
MA in Sociology (in English)
MA in Turkish Studies (in English).


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Başakşehir Campus
Phone: +90 212 692 0 212
Address: Başak Mah. Ordu Cad. No:3 P.K. 34480 Başakşehir/İstanbul.