Applıed Busıness

In-house training programs and innovative courses: Applied Business and Marketing Analytics

Applied Busıness 

This course aims to improve students’ conceptual skills for crafting and executing business strategies through simulation-led practices in a competitive market condition. It also seeks to develop students’ analytic thinking, communication skills, teamwork abilities, and outstanding managerial skills (i.e., planning, organizing, leading, and controlling activities) at various challenging simulation-led scenarios.

We enjoyed in a real time business simulation challenge in Applied Business Strategies course in collaboration with BIA, School of Business and Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy.

M.Sc. Program: Air Transport Management

MArketing Analytics


In this innovative course, our students crafted and executed a master business plan. To compete globally, market data should have been collected and analyzed prior to strategic decisions. Marketing tools have been used to collect the data in budget and performance segments of the market across the globe. Quality of Data, depth of market analysis, team leadership, forecasting ability, strategic flexibility and implementation of data-driven marketing strategies determined the ranking of competitors in market.

We enjoyed in a real time business challenge in Marketing Analytics course in collaboration with BIA, School of Business and Turkuvaz Academy.

M.Sc. Program: Big Data and Business Analytics

Applied Busıness ın 

The driving philosophy behind this Business Simulation is a cognitive psychological approach. It recognizes that students learn best when both referencing existing schemata and applying knowledge and skills in a part-task, structured environment.  It also recognizes that social interaction supports cognitive development and serves as a motivating factor for self-regulated learning.

An objective may focus on a particular department or skill set and will usually fall under one or more of the course goals and global competenciesAn example of this may be: 

Competency – Demonstrated proficiency in functional business areas, as well as the capacity to synthesize and apply this knowledge.

 Course Goal – To execute business strategy techniques within a global market environment that align with identified company goals. 

 Objective – Demonstrates deep understanding of future market conditions by forecasting Best Case Sales Scenario with +95% accuracy.

 Activity – Forecast sales for each company in a demonstration scenario.